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"International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health"

2022, Vol. 9, Issue 5, Part C

Is yoga religion or science?

Author(s): Y Pakkiraiah and Dr. K Rama Subba Reddy

Abstract: I have seen and heard so many arguments around this topic recently. It can be a real hot button issue in certain circles. Schools, Churches, and other organizations have banned yoga from their buildings because they think the yoga is a religion. It is not true yoga is a way of life and it is an integrated system of education for the body, mind and inner spirit. This art of right living was imbibed and practiced in India thousands of years ago, science yoga deals with the universal truth, its teachings are as valid today as they were in ancient times. Yoga is a practical aid, not a religion and its techniques may be practiced by Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Atheists alike. Yoga is a science common to all and whole humanity in its true nature of efficacy. Asha Vijaykumar Bengal (2005). Yoga gurus and Research Scholar have proved already with emphatical evidences by the practicing of yoga with numerous adaptations on physical, physiological, psychological and Body composition parameters. Based on the existing research documents the scholars strongly opines that the science of yoga is a corner stone for the science and spirituality. Have the yoga is not a religion but yoga is true science.

DOI: 10.22271/kheljournal.2022.v9.i5c.2646

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Y Pakkiraiah, Dr. K Rama Subba Reddy. Is yoga religion or science?. Int J Phys Educ Sports Health 2022;9(5):174-177. DOI:
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International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health
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