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International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health
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"International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health"

2022, Vol. 9, Issue 3, Part C

Effect of economic background of physical education teachers on their sports performance

Author(s): Dr. Nirlep Kaur

Abstract: The economic status of any society determined by various factors. The economic status generally coincides with social status. It may be evaluated on the basis of a number of factors such rural/urban background, family size, family achievements in sports, family income, occupation and family status. The purpose of this study is to find out the affect of economic background on Physical Education teachers. 48 teachers from 11 states of India were selected as sample who were attending refresher course -206 at H.P. University, Shimla. The data were collected through questionnaire method. From that data it was seen that out of 48 respondents women participation is very less. (i. e. only eleven) Out of the total population (48) 3 persons participated up to the International level, 20 up to the National level, 23 up to the International University level and 2 participated only up to district and inter college level.The data was analyzed through percentage method. Analysis regarding to their economic background, it was found that (i) Most of the sportspersons belong to rural areas but with respect to their performance urbanize person showed the high performance at International level. (ii) Most of them belonged upper and lower middle class families (iii) Most of them came from big families.(iv) Educated parents take more interest for their participation in sports activities and provided them facilities as per their needs. (v) Most of them involved in sports in the age of 12 – 17 years. (vi) Joint or nuclear families did not show any influence on their sports performances. It is concluded that the data brought to light that most of the economic variables shown significant effect on the player’s participation in sports. The recommendation of the study is that similar study can be carried out all over India in both sexes and different ages.

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Dr. Nirlep Kaur. Effect of economic background of physical education teachers on their sports performance. Int J Phys Educ Sports Health 2022;9(3):157-161.
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International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health
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