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"International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health"

2021, Vol. 8, Issue 4, Part D

Effect of practicing yoga and meditation on physical and mental health of senior secondary students during COVID-19

Author(s): Vikram Kumar and Dr. Sandeep Bhalla

Rightly it is said,
“Yoga adds Years to Life, and Life to the years.”
In today’s world where COVID-19 has enforced many revolutionary changes in the lives of people from closing up of educational institutions to introduction of online study programs, it’s the need of the hour to put in extra efforts to maintain a state of good physical and mental health. The unwanted but necessary measures taken in order to cease the spread of disastrous Corona virus have led to extreme impacts on everybody’s lives but most specifically on the overall health of Senior secondary students. During the most crucial years of their education, they have experienced a transition from the ongoing four-wall classroom method to the online mode of learning, which has undoubtedly had a stressful impact on their physical and mental health. In concern to this, the current research was put into practice which emphasized on the fruitful results observed on practicing Yoga and meditation on the health of senior secondary students. Practicing Yoga asana along with a few meditative practices in the lap of the remarkably beautiful nature not only lays out mental peace, joy and contentment but also has astounding health benefits accompanied by eradication of various health issues.
This research summarizes the results of meditating & practicing yoga as evident from observations and reviews from other Literatures. Exercising Yoga actively engages almost every part of our body, consequently reducing the risk for many dreadful and chronic diseases and promoting a state of peaceful mind in a healthier body.
The emerging distant socialization of people, and with the opening of schools being prohibited, children have faced a lot of distress, loneliness and anxiety altogether which henceforth led to unstable physical health and lack of fitness. Practicing yoga has brought positive changes in the physical and psychological lives of children increasing their self-efficacy and awareness along with diminishing anxiety, stress or any kind of fatigue.
The Research study brings into light the astonishing results on the overall health of eleventh and twelfth grade students on indulging into various Yogic and meditative activities during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Vikram Kumar, Dr. Sandeep Bhalla. Effect of practicing yoga and meditation on physical and mental health of senior secondary students during COVID-19. Int J Phys Educ Sports Health 2021;8(4):231-233.
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