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International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health
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"International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health"

2020, Vol. 7, Issue 5, Part F

A comparative study of physical fitness and adjustment of male and female athlete from Shopian district (J&K)

Author(s): Towseef Ahmad Ganai and Dr. Ramneek Jain

Abstract: The discussion of the literature with respect to those findings indicated that there were a number of possible explanations for those findings. The explanations include self-image, motivation to graduate to play college sports, and physiological aspects of participation in sports. In terms of self-image, the 93 perception of ability among athletes was a proposed driver for the increase in academic results moving from in season to off season academic performance. It was certainly interesting that the entire difference was attributable to the difference in male GPA, which is discussed later in this section. In addition to the self-image and perception of ability aspects, another possible explanation for the increase in academic performance during the sports season could revolve around a drive to complete high school in order to attend college and possibly play sports in that arena. There was some evidence found to support this claim in addition to some that showed the overall results are mixed. Specifically, it was reported in the results section that boys’ basketball players experienced a significant reduction in GPA when switching to the off-season whereas boys’ cross country had no such difference. Given that basketball is one of the sports in which the perception of the ability to join the professional ranks is greatest, it would follow that there could be an increased attention to studies during the season for that sport. Other data, like those specifically relating to football appear to provide a counterpoint. If that were the case, then it would also be expected that football players’ GPA scores would follow the same pattern since football can also lead to dreams of professional achievement. In addition to the self-image and dedication to the sport aspect of the increased academic performance during seasonal performance, there could also be a physiological aspect of improved brain function during periods of regular physical activity. The academic gains of male football players were less than that of female football players. These comparisons only represented comparisons between boys. As would be expected according to the findings of question one, that boys experienced significant academic differences while girls did not, when individual male sports were compared with individual female sports and there were significant comparisons, the academic gains of boys were greater than that of the girls. 96 This study adds to the literature by providing an initial investigation into the variation in GPA score differences among various high school athletic endeavors.

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Towseef Ahmad Ganai, Dr. Ramneek Jain. A comparative study of physical fitness and adjustment of male and female athlete from Shopian district (J&K). Int J Phys Educ Sports Health 2020;7(5):360-365.
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