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"International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health"

2020, Vol. 7, Issue 3, Part G

Effects of loaded Plyometrics on the performance of professional soccer players

Author(s): Jinin RJ, R Rejeesh Kumar and KS Sharad

Abstract: Background: Physiotherapists form a large body of practitioners in professional soccer and have been the mainstay of soccer medical care within the game for the past 50 years. The role of physiotherapists extends beyond the clinical setting and many find themselves organising warm up sessions, assisting with training.
The proper development of speed related abilities has an important role in professional soccer game. In rapidly changing sports field players face the challenge of developing multiple physical and technical capacities in young soccer players for their existence in sports. More recently in professional team sports, a progressive and gradual increase in the demands of maximal sprints and explosive game actions has been observed during training and official competitions.
Objectives: The purpose of the study was to analyze the "Effects of loaded plyometrics on the performance of professional soccer players".
Design: Quasi experimental study design.
Methods: In this study, quasi experimental design was conducted to test the effectiveness of loaded plyometric training strategy on speed and power performance of professional soccer players. The study population included 30 patients fulfilling both inclusion and exclusion criteria informed consent was obtained from each subject prior to participation. A description about the procedures was given to the subjects before commencing study. A total of 30 subjects is selected by simple random sampling method. The exercise program was of 3 months duration there 4 session of training in each week for 24 loaded plyometric jumps where performed for 25 min. Prior to all testing sessions a general and specific warm up routine was performed involving light running(5 min at a self- selected pace) and submaximal attempts at each testing exercise.
Results: The study shows a significant improvement in speed and power and mean propulsive power. The 3 months loaded plyometric training is effective in improving the speed and power, mean propulsive power among soccer players.

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Jinin RJ, R Rejeesh Kumar, KS Sharad. Effects of loaded Plyometrics on the performance of professional soccer players. Int J Phys Educ Sports Health 2020;7(3):389-393.
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