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"International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health"

2019, Vol. 6, Issue 3, Part B

Effect of sand running training on speed among school boys

Author(s): D Basil Jebaslin Durai and Dr. MK Franklin Shaju

Abstract: Introduction: The main purpose of this study was to find out the effect of Sand running training, its outcome variables among school boys. To enhance the sports performance it needs to have systemic training and follow the training principles. Start from a stationary standing position (hands cannot touch the grounds), with one foot in front of the other. The front foot must be behind the starting line. Athletes can use sand surface to improve performance without worrying about recovery or performance issues. The hypothesis is that whether the training under stable position will improve the sports performance.
Intervention: Eight week of Sand running training were formulated. For the purpose of this study 20 school boys at the age group of 17 to 19 years are experimental group. Initial data were collected on selected variables and after eight weeks training the final data were also collected 50 meter dash test. The data’s were statistically processed and analyzed.
Result: The Sand running training improves the speed in school boys. The pre and post test values were assessed by 50 meter dash test to the experimental group. By analyzing the mean values and also standard deviation values show the school boys who received the sand running training increases the maximum speed for school boys due to lower limb muscles specifically calf muscles.
Conclusion: The Sand running training is one of the effective training methods to improve the speed among the school boys.

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D Basil Jebaslin Durai, Dr. MK Franklin Shaju. Effect of sand running training on speed among school boys. Int J Phys Educ Sports Health 2019;6(3):117-122.
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