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2017, Vol. 4, Issue 4, Part H

A study of sports training facilities and its impact in the colleges of Varanasi

Author(s): Amit Chandra

In the last couple of decades, sports activities have been gaining a great momentum in India. The performance of India in the Olympics has always been a pathetic one. One of the major reasons is the poor encouragement of sports at the school and college levels. The lack of facilities is a major detrimental factor in the development of sports culture in the colleges. The present study is an attempt to review the status of the sports facility and its impact on the colleges of Varanasi district. The researcher himself is a Lect. of Physical Education and Sports by profession and also a player of Atheletic and completed our Master degree of Physical Education and M.Phil in (Phy. Edu.) From CCS University Meerut Uttar Pradesh. During this period the researcher faced plenty of difficulties with respect to the proper availability of sports facility like infrastructure, equipment and proper kit. In the current research work the researcher would like to emphasize on financing, structure of the institution, location of the institution, strength of the institution, economic impact, views of Management in providing sports facility to the students as compared to other activities. The researcher is of the opinion that facilities should be studied from three perspectives: Urban, rural and students’ involvement. Sports are timeless activities; ones those humans have enjoyed since at least ancient times, as exemplified by the Greek Olympic Games. Indeed, ethnographic and archaeological evidence such as cave paintings and the accounts of early European explorers indicate sports may well go back to the very beginning of humankind India - known for its fanaticism for cricket and hockey; started its sports odyssey long back during the great Vedic Era of India. The purpose of the study will be to “a study of sports training facilities and its impact in the colleges of Varanasi” The above study has been undertake by me researcher with the help of interviews and questionnaire method if these causes would be located, the researcher will suggest the measures for more sports facilities to be adopted in the colleges. The objectives of the current research are as follows-1-To examine the existing sports training facility and its impact on the senior colleges of Varanasi district. ( Universities of Varanasi)2-To find out the ratio of the available sports facility in the senior colleges of Varanasi district,3-To find out the impact of available sports facility on their sports performance in the colleges This research will be helpful to bring on record the existing sports training facilities available in the colleges of Varanasi District. This study will help to suggest effective sports facilities for more participation of the students in the sports this study will help to increase the interest of students in sports through their participation. It will also be helpful to the institutions like Government University Colleges and other institutions to suggest the measures for better sports facilities. The present study makes use of the Survey method (Descriptive) Sources of Data For the study data will be collected from the affiliated colleges of University of Banaras, Varanasi district with the help of questionnaire prepared in consultation with existing sports field authorities. Statistical procedure we will use the following tools which contain Mean, Median, Mode and Standard deviation through SPSS computer software tools.

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International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health
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Amit Chandra. A study of sports training facilities and its impact in the colleges of Varanasi. Int J Phys Educ Sports Health 2017;4(4):459-463.

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