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2017, Vol. 4, Issue 4, Part H

Effect on kinematics parameters of jump shot in handball

Author(s): Pallab Ghosh and Dr. Papan Mondal

Introduction: The final effort of the handball game during the attack occurs in the form of throwing of different structure, which is performed to score the goal. In this context, several authors studied the usability and effectiveness of different options of shooting at the door. From the wide variety of techniques used for shooting the most common throw is a jump shot. It occurs in two versions - forward and above. This way of shooting combines moving actions of cyclic and non-cyclical type - running, jumping, throwing. The purpose of this study was to analyze the Kinematics Parameters (release height, release angle and ball release velocity) and to make a comparison of these parameters between national and inter-varsity level players.
Methodology: 5 National (20.29 ± 1.38 years, 179 ± 4.54 cm and 67 ± 10.34 kg ) & 5 Inter-varsity (23.43 ± 2.57years, 170.57 ±3.15cm and 62.13 ± 7.58kg) level handball players were selected randomly as the subjects. Canon DSLR 1200d operating at 50Hz was used to record the movement. The identified clips were analyzed with the help of KINOVEA 0.8.24 motion analysis software.
Results: The result of study revealed that there was a significant difference (ball release height) on kinematics parameters of jump shot in handball between national and inter-varsity handball players. The mean ball release height, ball release angle and ball release velocity of the national and inter-varsity players were 265.98±13.14cm & 240.54±10.64cm (t=3.363*)), 17.6±7.790 & 15±8.860 t=.493) and 20.38±3.83m/s & 18.82±3.53m/s (t=.669) respectively.
Conclusion: National players perform jump shot in handball with the higher effect on kinematics parameters as compare to Inter-varsity handball players. It may also be concluded that higher the performance level, higher will be the kinematics parameters for executing the jump shot in handball.

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Pallab Ghosh, Dr. Papan Mondal. Effect on kinematics parameters of jump shot in handball. Int J Phys Educ Sports Health 2017;4(4):453-456.

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