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2017, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part D

Inclusive growth of women’s health, fitness and wellness

Author(s): Dr. Birendra Jhajharia

Women’s empowerment is a modern phenomenon which has been gaining attention around the world in recent years. Sedentary lifestyle nowadays is becoming more and more frequent in all over world. An individual with sound body and health also leads to the development in the socio economic aspect in any country. In modern scenario, problems related to health are increasing as the generation is becoming more advance and inactive. This area is of great attention and need some solution for attainment of health and fitness for longevity and prosperity. There are various causes that indirectly or directly lead to bad health. Some of the causes are poor hygiene, bad habits, human behavior, poor sanitation, laziness, poor posture, use of elevators, use of vehicles, and so on. These practices lead to poor health and fitness among young generation. Human being is so busy that he/she has no time for their family and also for themselves and their health. Money, money, and money is becoming a motto of all and people running behind it. This paper aimed to review the negative and positive effect of the physical activity. The study was aimed to aware women towards their health habits, fitness habits, habits towards nutrition and diet, habit of consuming alcohol and smoke, habit of inactivity, and so on. The research paper provides the health benefits of physical fitness and activity. Various studies revealed that if an individual wants to maintain his/her fitness level then he/she should perform moderate level of physical activity of aerobic nature for five days a week for duration of minimum thirty minutes followed by stretching exercises. On the other hand if an individual perform vigorous level of physical activity of aerobic nature then they need to perform for three days a week for minimum twenty minutes. Still female are behind male in terms of fitness and participation in sports. But trend is being changed nowadays, women are now more concerned and perform physical activity by getting inspiration from media, fitness of celebrities, advancement of fitness application and devices, involvement of government and private sports and fitness companies. They are not maintaining their fitness due to fast moving society, becoming more and more economically sound; continue to education, professional employment, late marriage practice after age of thirty. These all lead to inactivity among them and lead to various psychological problems. Therefore, it can be concluded that there is need for a change in terms of attitude of female towards their health, fitness and wellness. An inclusive approach needs to be developed towards women’s health, fitness and wellness for their personal, professional and family life.

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International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health
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Dr. Birendra Jhajharia. Inclusive growth of women’s health, fitness and wellness. Int J Phys Educ Sports Health 2017;4(2):197-199.

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