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2016, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part D

The effect of bamboo dance on motor fitness in Chinese college students

Author(s): Liye Zou, Nan Zeng, Jun He

Background/Purpose: Physical education (PE) is considered the primary tool to increase physical fitness (PF) of students. In fact, students are not very physically active during traditional school PE classes. Considering the low physical activity level will lead to a poor motor performance in Chinese college students, more physical activity interventions are needed to increase motor fitness of students. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to assess the preliminary effects of an 8-week school-based Bamboo Dance intervention on motor performance among college students in China. 
Method: Thirty (male = 18, female = 12) college students (BMI = 22.45±2.61; age = 20.8±2.07) were recruited from the northwest region of China and randomly assigned into experiment and control group. Subjects in the training group were required to participate in Bamboo Dance exercise in regular physical education class. The intervention underwent 8 weeks of training session (90 min per week). Agility, balance, speed, and power were measured before and after the training session for each group. 
Results: The results of the study indicated that participants in the intervention program showed significantly promotions in balance (102% vs. 3.6%), agility (6.1% vs. .18%), strength (9.6% vs. .33%), and explosive power (8.4% vs. .42%) than students in control group. 
Conclusions: performing Bamboo Dance provides the health benefits to college students in terms of developing lower extremity-related motor abilities. The study demonstrated that a school-based Bamboo Dance programme is able to initiate changes in college students and could be implemented to other colleges throughout China.

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Liye Zou, Nan Zeng, Jun He. The effect of bamboo dance on motor fitness in Chinese college students. Int J Phys Educ Sports Health 2016;3(2):193-199.

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