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2016, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part E

The effect of cold water immersion cryotherapy on normal ankle joint position sense in young adults among AMU students

Author(s): Rajan Balakrishnan, William Charles

Purpose ofrnstudy: To determine whether thernfifteen-minute water immersion treatment affects the normal ankle jointrnposition sense (JPS) at the middle range of dorsiflexion and plantar flexionrnactively.
Objective: Significant or nornsignificant finding on using the water immersion cryotherapy treatment forrn15minutes would affect the normal ankle joint position sense.
Study design: Research Design:rnExperimental, Sampling: Purposive sampling through questionnaire.
Materialrnand method:
Subjects:rnTwenty healthy volunteer’s participant in the experiment. All subjects selectedrnaccording to their dominant leg (The dominant leg was defined as the leg thatrnthe subject would choose to kick a ball), as the treatment leg in this study. Subjectsrnwere excluded if they had special disease as diabetes, musculoskeletal diseasernand history of fracture or other orthopedic problems. Instruments: Firstly, skin surface temperature was measured byrnusing a Liquid Crystal Body Temperature with contact the body surface. Therntemperature of the cold water was also closely monitored with a batteryrnoperated by Aqua Digital thermometer. The digital thermometer submissivelyrnattached to the end and was accurately control the temperature at (18±1°C)rnusing ice. Ankle JPS was measured using a pedal goniometry consisting of fourrnparts a pedal with two clamps and pointer or a back piece with a protractor orrna leg fixator and a metal base. Information such as age, weight and height werernrecorded in a questionnaire.
Statisticalrnanalysis used: Paired t-test used to calculate the Joint Position Sense (JPS) ROM andrnTemperature by using SPSS 16.0.
Results: The result show significantrnchanges on the Joint Position Sense and Temperature 15 minutes after the coldrnwater immersion therapy. The result analysis was taken into 3 stages which isrnBefore, After & 15 minutes after cold water immersion. All the result basedrnon the performance of the volunteers regarding the effect of the cold waterrnimmersion which divided into 2 groups by gathering the data collection ofrnactive plantar flexion and dorsi flexion for JPS and Temperature. The resultrnhas been analyzed by using the paired T-Test to be more accurate in for eachrngroup by avoiding any miscalculation. All the data as stated into table thatrnpresented below from table 3, 4 and 5.
Conclusion: These findings suggest thatrna 15-minute cryotherapy (18±1°C) is deleterious to JPS and alteration of therntemperature at the same time it can’t be safely used at the range of (18±1°C)rnfor physical treatment or physiotherapy management this to avoid furtherrncomplication.

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Rajan Balakrishnan, William Charles. The effect of cold water immersion cryotherapy on normal ankle joint position sense in young adults among AMU students. Int J Phys Educ Sports Health 2016;3(1):293-298.

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